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“What an extraordinary cruise down one of the historical rivers of the world. The scenery was superb and the conversations as good. It was a special pleasure to see the cloth and bamboo products of Assam. We hope that they will find their market in India and all around the globe.”
Robert D. Blackwill, Former US Ambasssador to India.
“I take it as a privilege to see the exquisite designs of bamboo boards which I think is the first of its kind in the country. I praise the designers wholeheartedly. I wish them the best of the best in future in their endeavor to building an era of bamboo.”
G Malawm Dawngliana, Joint Director, Directorate of Industries, Government of Mizoram, Aizawl
“It is unbelievable, wonderful magic of bamboo. If the technology is introduced in the Northeast, it will be a grooved success.”
H. Goswami, Deputy Resident Commissioner, Government of Manipur, Guwahati
“It is unbelievable what we can do with bamboo to us, in the Northeast. Bamboo is associated with the life of the people. This exhibition has shown Bamboo and beyond and how to industrialize Northeast with bamboo alone and improve the lot of the people of the Northeast. Thanks to the effort of M.P. Ranjan and his students. Congrats!”
Dr Jayanta Madhab, Former Chairman, NEDFi
“Indeed educative and the service rendered by the CBTC would go a long way in revolutionising Bamboo & Cane industry in the North East India and country at large.”
Dr S.N. Hegde, Director, State Forests Research Institute (SFRI), Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh
“We salute CBTC for creating a beginning in cane & Bamboo Crafts in the North East. However, it is not at all sufficient, we want to learn many more! Please bring the related machineries at this time of exhibition. Give as detail Techno-feasibility knowhow. Please organize a value added marketing network throughout the region. The North Easterners may spruce up expert talents. Congrats, well done. Best wishes.”
Mrs. & Mr. N.N. Zhasa, CF, Rain Forest Research Institute (RFRI), Deovan, Jorhat, Assam
“The abundant bamboo cover is also instrumental in providing employment to the numerous skilled crafts worker of the region, though research is still nascent as compared to other South East Asian countries, where bamboo forms the basis of the revenue.”
Mukut Mithi, Former Chief Minister, Arunachal Pradesh
“Bamboo will totally revolutionize the economy of Mizoram.”
Zoramthanga, Former Chief Minister, Mizoram
“Excellent work is being done by the Cane and Bamboo Technology Centre. Here lies the practical solution to problems of NE based on local resources.”
K K Mittal, DGET, Ministry of Labour, Govt of India
“I was really impressed with the products made of bamboo. It needs to promote in other cities of the country. I am sure, Cane and Bamboo Technology Centre will play a pivotal role in promoting the same.”
I.S. Jha, Executive Director( NERTS), Power Grid Corporation of India Limited
“Excellent bamboo suggestions and a very interesting range of products. Hope to see you soon in Kenya.”
Liam O’ Meana & Debbie Chappat, The Bamboo Trading Co. Ltd, Kenya


North East Cane and Bamboo Development Council (NECBDC)
13th Mile, G.S. Road, Burnihat 781023, Assam


Phone: Please check the list of contacts here.


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